The Commerzbank AG eMail Security gives customers and partners of the company the possibility to exchange encrypted and signed emails with employees of the Commerzbank. There are two worldwide used standards for eMail-Security (PGP and X.509), which are both supported by the infrastructure of the Commerzbank. Furthermore two solutions are offered, depending on the security level you need.

eMail-Security for X.509 / S/MIME

X.509 / S/MIME is the de-facto standard for secure communication in companies and organisations. It fulfills a high level of security and allows usage of other security products besides eMail Security. Commerzbank has two X.509 infrastructures in operation. On the one hand, certificates are used by a listed trustcenter (QuoVadis), on the other hand, an inhouse solution is used. The difference between the two solutions is that QuoVadis certificates are trusted in popular email clients, whereas the trust relationship of the inhouse Commerzbank solution must be trusted manually.

eMail-Security for PGP

Even if X.509 is more secure in communication, PGP is a very common standard and is supported by Commerzbank's IT.

The first contact to the Commerzbank AG

If you would like to exchange secure e-mails with Commerzbank employees, please contact your Commerzbank AG communication partner directly. He is entitled to make contact with the certificate services of Commerzbank AG through his IT support. If you already have a security infrastructure for e-mail, please let us know if you want X.509 or PGP as an e-mail security standard. Also setting up a domain encryption for an email security gateway could be discussed.

The following pages provide only information on the technical infrastructure of the Commerzbank inhouse certificate services. You will find all the information here to establish an X.509 trust between Commerzbank AG and your company to use eMail security. Information on the QuoVadis Trust Center is not filed here and should be obtained directly from QuoVadis.